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About the Breed



The Siamese is one of the longest known cat breeds. Beautiful blue eyes, color points, and affectionate personality make them a favorite breed. They are very playful, intelligent and totally loyal. They love to follow their humans around and get into everything they find interest in. Since they are considered one of the more vocal breeds, they definitely aren't shy to let you know if they want or need anything.


The SIamese is very athletic. With its slender, muscular build, they like to climb, jump and run around a lot. Vertical play structures and lots of toys will help keep them active and entertained. They are also one of the most intelligent breeds so can be trained pretty easily. This breed is a great addition to any home with kids, adults and other pets for lots of fun and companionship.

Siamese cat - Wikipedia



The Balinese (also known as the long-haired Siamese) came about by a genetic mutation in the Siamese that created the long hair thus they are very similar in most aspects. They too are very affectionate, playful, athletic, intelligent and vocal (but not as much as the Siamese). They have a beautiful silky long coat that does not tangle or get matted, and shedding is minimal compared to other long hair breeds. 

The Balinese is very majestic with its long coat and plumed tail, but is also very silly and entertaining. They too enjoy playing with toys and running around the house. They are active and full of energy yet love to snuggle (especially with their chosen human). They have the sweetest temperaments and make the best companions in any household.

Balinese cat - Wikipedia

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