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"These sweet kittens are loved and socialized so well before coming to their forever homes. The process was so easy and the owner is warm and open to answering all the questions! Such a great experience!"

Julie B. - Gilroy, CA

"They love us and we love them. Thank you for being the most wonderful breeder. We appreciate all the texts and pictures and videos you did to help us get to know them before picking them up. We are so happy with them."

Darilyn M. - Beaverton, OR

"I found Precious Balinese Cattery while I was doing research looking for low allergen cat breeds. I developed moderate-severe cat allergies as an adult and did not believe it was possible for me to have a cat as a household pet anymore. I also had reasonably high skepticism in hypoallergenic claims and I had never ever purchased a purebred pet before. My son had been asking for a cat for years and so I was looking for options for us.

I sent Precious Balinese an inquiry message. The owner (Sung) responded very quickly and opened up a dialogue with me about cats, the Balinese breed, what I was looking for and why--everything! Speaking with her, it was very clear that she is passionate about this breed, loves cats, and cares about preserving this breed and producing loving pets. She is very sincere and helpful! The conversation I had with her gave me a lot of confidence in my pet search, and in the Balinese as a breed.

I first spoke with her in early September 2022 and we took home our kitten (who we named Butter) at the end of November 2022. During this whole time we had lots of communication, received lots of photos, information and advice for preparation. Butter came home to us VERY healthy, happy, and well adjusted. He is super friendly, playful, beautiful, his fur is cloud-soft, and I have no allergic reaction to him *whatsoever*. Part of me didn't believe that I could have NO allergic reaction to a cat, and I thought that if all the cleaning and buying a "low allergen" cat didn't work, I would just take Zyrtec or get allergy shots. I could stick my face in this cat's belly and have no reaction. YMMV, but the kitten we got from this cattery was everything we could have ever asked for! He was 100000% worth it and we are very thankful to have him."


Angela Z. - American Canyon, CA

"We've known that we wanted a dog, but our son is allergic and we spent a long time researching breeds to find one that he could handle. But it turns out as much as our son wanted a dog, our daughter wanted a cat. And our son is even more allergic to those. So back to our research and we found that Balinese are a breed that allergic people seem able to tolerate. I researched local catteries and found Precious Balinese. Sung has been nothing but amazing through the whole process and our Tilly is such a sweet, gentle, loving, and playful kitty. The whole family is completely enamored with her, including our son who has had no reactions to her at all. Tilly is well adjusted and sociable and that is due to Sung and her family's loving care. We are all thrilled with our new fur baby. I highly recommend Precious Balinese."

Karen J. - Burlingame, CA

"I highly recommend adopting a Balinese kitten from Sung at Precious Balinese Cattery. She truly goes above and beyond to ensure everything goes smoothly and that you have all of the necessary information every step of the way. She’s very knowledgeable and accommodating through and through! My kitten is incredible- she’s cuddly, affectionate, chatty and very charismatic. I am extremely allergic to cats and have NO allergies to her. I can have her hair right up in my face and don’t even sneeze. Such a cool experience! I’m so grateful to Sung for taking such good care of her. Don’t wait, reserve your spot! You will fall in love with your fur baby! Totally worth every penny."

Josie B. - Ronan, MT

"If you’re looking to adopt a new kitten or two, look no further - I highly recommend Precious Balinese Cattery! Sung the owner of the Cattery is the most loving and professional breeder. And the kittens from her family are the most loving, trusting, playful with young kids, and well adjusted! It’s because Sung spends the extra time to socialize and play with the kittens. She goes through a very thoughtful process where she does everything she can to raise cats that will adjust well including small things like getting use to wearing a collar or not being scared of vacuum noise.

Sung also goes the extra mile to keep you posted with photos and videos and helpful information to help you select your kitten. She’s super responsive, and would respond to my inquiries immediately, same day. If you’re concerned about placing a deposit without seeing the kittens like me, let me reassure you, she’s legit and you should do it! You won’t regret it! I’m so grateful to Sung for my 2 lynx Balinese kittens, the two newest additions to my family."


Tina C. - Los Angeles, CA

"Precious Balinese Cattery provides a healthy, happy, safe, responsible, and loving home for its kittens' first months of life. The kitten we brought home is so loving, trusting, and sweet and this is what I had observed with all their kittens. We can't be any more thankful. We received good instructions and follow up as well. You won't be disappointed!"

Cathy O. - Sunnyvale, CA

"If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic cat with a great temperament, I highly recommend Precious Balinese Cattery!! They put in so much love and care into raising these kittens and are so friendly and efficient with the process!! Absolutely love my kitty!!"

Virginia S. - Berkeley, CA

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